Top 5 Ways to Reduce Plastic

Straight to the point, we use too much plastic. Single-use plastic can be reduced massively just by slightly changing your habits and lifestyle. Do the same stuff, just use slightly different things to do it. To be honest it can be summed up with Reusable Treasures tag line (Use the Reusable) but where's the fun in that.

Here are my top 5 ways to reduce plastic (not in order):  


1. Plastic Packaging

Single-use and disposable plastic packaging is often over used. Some items, such as fruit and veg and a huge amount of plastic packaging wrapped round them and its unnecessary. I find Bananas are the worst, they have their own packaging! Yet we find a bunch wrapped up in plastic. 

Where you can, buy loose fruit and veg. 

2. Reusable Bags

In the UK they charge 5p for a single use plastic bag in the super markets. The immediate financial hit of using one isn't much but the cost to the environment is much larger. This charge has had an educational effect and most people bring they're own bags to the super market. 

Always keep a reusable bag handy, Reusable Treasure do great fold up bags that makes it easier to always have it on you when you need it. 

3.  Recycling

Many plastics cannot be recycled as they are spoiled. To avoid all your hard work separating your plastics, just for them to be unrecyclable, make sure to wash them before. 

Depending on your area, some plastic types cannot be recycled. Check what can and cant be recycled locally and try to avoid buying those plastics.

4. Micro-beads

Avoid like the plague. Micro-beads are very small bits of plastic in things such as skin care and beauty products. They get washed down the drains and they are too small for filters to remove and end up in the ocean. Good for your skin, bad for all the fishies. 

Apparently (source not given, soz) a third of all the fish caught in the UK were found to have plastic in them. As plastics can be toxic, the toxicness can be passed up the food chain. Guess who's at the top of the food chain....yep, us. Please avoid. 

  5. Straws

I have given straws their own section. The reason is because they annoy me. We just don't need them. I've seen online videos of straws up turtles noses, having to be pulled with a pair of pliers. It was horrible to watch. 

When you go to a fast food joint or a bar or restaurant. Proudly ask for your drink with no straw. If you want a straw, bring one with you. Reusable straws look great and don't end up in turtles noses. Use the Reusable!

Reusable Treasure are still offering FREE reusable straws, just pay the shipping. Get some so you can ask for a large coke with no straw please!

Hopefully you are thinking of ways you can reduce your plastics. Comment Below If you have an ideas! 



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